10 Rules to an Audition

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

10 Rules to an Audition

1. Before you enter the audition room, remember that they want you to solve the casting puzzle and they want to give you the job.

2. Make a strong decision about you character. Stand out and show them that you have thought about the script. Give the director something to direct.

3. Always learn your lines. It will allow you to make eye contact to the reader and let the camera/panel really see you.

4. Wear clothes with a hint of the character you are auditioning for.

5. Don't lie on your CV as it will com back to bite you (you can't drink a gallon of milk in ten seconds).

6. Make the right impression. You are auditioning for a job but you are also making a career for yourself, so make the right impression and they will call you in again for sure.

7. Treat the audition like a performance. You are there to act so enjoy it.

8. Make it count in that room as getting an audition is the hard part.

9. There are a hundred reasons why you might not get the part, it does not mean you are a bad actor (unless you were sh*t).

10. Commercial auditions are a law unto themselves, leave your ego at the door and just go for it.

I think as actors we all know these points but every now and then it is good to recap. Remember you are there because they want you there, so enjoy it, so them what you have got and then forget about it.

You can also read Casting Director Rebecca Wright's advice here.


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