10 Rules To Filming

Thursday, 20 April 2017

10 Rules To Filming

1. There is a lot of down time on set and you probably will be waiting around for hours, whoever you are. Don't moan about it though, use your time wisely.

2. Learn the names of everyone you are working with, not just the actors. You will find them all on your call sheet.

3. Be nice to wardrobe and at the end of the day hang your costume up. You may be wrapped but other departments were probably there before you and will be leaving later than you.

4. Don't get involved in set gossip. It will only come back to bite you.

5. You probably won't get many rehearsals so be ready and be adaptable.

6. Listen to everyone on set, you can work out a lot of what is going on by what the DOP and runners are doing and up to.

7. Trust your director. You probably will not get praise after your take, they may just move on. The director has a hundred and one things to think about so trust he/she has got what they wanted.

8. Stand still. Whether on set or behind camera waiting, stand still so the camera man can focus on you or that you don't become in the way of the crew.

9. You are allowed to ask questions. If you don't know what is going on or what terminology has just been used ask the First AD (Assistant Director). He/she is your first port of call.

10. Don't wander off and let people know where you are, even if you need the toilet. You don't want a crew running around trying to find you and wasting time.

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