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Friday, 7 April 2017

So yesterday marked the day for my 29th birthday and I wanted to look back at my twenties and things that have helped and hindered me. I especially wanted to look at the things that are holding me back and the things I need to give up. Here are a list of ten things I want to give up.

1. Give Up Being Liked

You may say that's rich from someone who is a actor, runs a blog and loves social media, but I want to give up caring if my latest post will be liked or not. Or if I share a film I was in, will people like me. It doesn't matter, if it is liked or hated as long as it has self worth do it.

2. Give Up Toxic People

Some people are just not meant to be in your life. They can drag you down, distract you and not support you. Check your friends and get rid.

3. Give Up Saying Yes To Things That Don't Support My Goals

Doing things that are not oriented towards your dreams are not worth your time. Don't let the money distract you, time is so much more important.

4. Give Up Multi-tasking

What ever it is dedicate that time to one thing so you can focus and put your all into it, even if it is just working out.

5. Give Up Perfectionism

No one is perfect, every one has a different journey. Fear of failure prevents you getting on with it. Get over it now.

6. Give Up Excuses

You are responsible for what happens next in your life. It can be scary or exciting but you can direct your next move. Don't let excuses of situation or circumstance stop you.

7. Give Up Playing Small

If you never try, you will never succeed. Go after your BIG dream and don't be scared to fail.

8. Give Up The Short Term Mindset

Get a great body for life, not just summer. Act for a career, not just a job. Live by the long term goals.

9. Give Up That Unhealthy Lifestyle

You only get one body and as a actor it's is pretty important. So look after yourself. Look after your health, your appearance and your mental health.

10. Give Up The Doubt

Get over it and get on with it.

Writing them down they seem pretty obvious but yet somedays I ignore every single one of them and suffer in my own self. I think we should all aim to give up all the stuff holding us back, and I mean really give it up. Spend every day we are given dedicated to the career we want and the people we love.

See you next week.


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