I Want To Go To Hogwarts

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

When I was a kid, much like many performers, I attended a Saturday Performing Arts School called Yew Tree Theatre School and studied acting, dance and singing. Along with performance studies, I was lucky enough to be on the books of a kids agency called Jabberwocky. I think I was 12 when I was rung up and had to prepare for my first ever casting.

I remember it quite well actually (much drinking since then has destroyed some of my past) and my mum gave me the news that I was going to audition for the lead role in a movie. Being my first audition and my family not really understanding what the film was, we printed the script and I learnt the lines (I think I had a week to prepare, as the industry is way nicer to kids than us adults now). 

It wasn't until one day my mum came home from work and had told me that her friend was very excited by the audition I had as Harry Potter was a huge book. Yeah, I had no idea what Harry Potter was or what it would turn into but I had a audition to play the glasses wearing wizard. 

My mum gave me the third book to read, to get some sort of context on the story (I think the first two had sold out in the local bookshop), and then a few days later I went up to London from Tunbridge Wells to meet Susie Figgis for my audition.

I was terribly nervous and the actual audition is a blur but I do remember only one other boy being in the waiting room. I have no idea if I was good or what I talked about but I do remember them just chatting to me for ages, and then I forgot about it and enjoyed my day.

This story reminds me that you never know where your life will go as who knew that Harry Potter would be what it is today many years ago. I mean JK Rowling was turned down so many times trying to get it published. Of course I wish I had got that job (who wouldn't) but maybe I wouldn't be the person I am today if I did. I guess I am not a wizard at the moment. I do have a desire to get, even a small role, in a Fantastic Beasts film or the Cursed Child play. Maybe one day...

Do you remember your first casting? When did you start? Comment below.



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