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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Now those who know me, know I am pretty badly sighted. I'm not blind or anything but to read a script I need to wear glasses. I hate going to a casting and being asked to cold read as I always have to say 'do you mind if I put my glasses on'.

Now I know this doesn't sound like a big thing, but I feel it drastically changes my look. It makes me look more geek like than I normally do and although the director and casting director would of seen me without glasses, I alway feel that they will not see the character with glasses.

So 'get contacts' I hear you say, and yes I am well on my way to getting contact lenses. I say well on my way because I am absolutely terrified of touching my eyes and have a really strong blink reflex (according to my optician).

When I was younger I had a tumour grow across my eye and had an operation to remove it, plus months and months of washes and creams to apply to help it heal. So you could say I have a right to have this fear. However, it is not useful when getting contacts.

Recently though, I went to Vision Express in Holborn and they were so calm and lovely that they managed to get them in my eyes and I was so pleased with the vision. I did however have to put them in myself later and this didn't go so well.

I will be looking again at laser eye surgery to correct this but in the mean time I want to get these little buggers in my eyes.

Do you have this problem? Do you wear glasses to a casting? Have you had laser eye surgery?
Let me know your tails and stories and I will keep you updated how I get on putting my contacts in at my next appointment.

Have a great Easter.


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