The Resting Actor

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Every time a break comes around, whether Easter, Christmas or a bank holiday, I always get major work anxiety.

Now I love a break and a rest, but being freelance I always feel majorly guilty that I am not doing anything. I think as an actor and being in love with my work, I find it very hard to not think about it every second and not to be working on something that I can create.

I have recently seen many of my friends, who are also performers, say the same thing recently. Feeling, themselves, that they must rest and take a break. But what do you do when the career you are in is also your hobby?

I think as performers we can put a lot of pressures on ourselves and there is always something else we can be doing to climb that ladder. So every time a holiday comes around I get all nervous and disappointed that work might be closed down for a bit.

I for one am definitely going to try my hardest to enjoy the up coming May Bank holidays and not open my laptop and do what normal people do, enjoy a rest. I know I won't like it at first but my God do I need it (and you probably do too).

It can be very knackering chasing auditions, making money, working on your craft and being creative day in day out, so every now and then we must take a seat and chill.

It does make me think if I am not working though, there is someone else out there who is and I need to keep going. But for May's holidays I am going to have some me time.

Will you be doing the same? How do you juggle acting and a life?


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