We all have those down times as an actor where no auditions are coming in, let alone no work. It can be a mental struggle and you may see friends doing really well, jobs you are perfect for but can't get in the room and you may start to feel a little depressed about the whole acting industry.

The first thing I will say to you here is have a glass of wine with a friend and get your rant out. Don't keep it all in your head as it will only torment and torture you. Then there are a number of things we as actors can do to stay motivated within the times of 'resting'.

*Go to class


*See a film

*See a play


*Write yourself a monologue

*Start work on your own script

*Have some down time

*Get a hobby

*Stand up in front of camera

*Learn a new accent

*Pick up a guitar

*Tidy your room

*Write a plan

*See your family

*Go on a walk somewhere you have never been before

*Watch a documentary

*Do your tax

*Have a singing lesson

*Learn to draw

*Make a web series

*Update your showreel

*Promote yourself on social media

*Take some photos

*Write a book

*Develop a play

*Learn to dance

*Study acting videos on Youtube

*Listen to a casting podcast

*Research casting directors

*Clean up your profiles

Basically what I am trying to say is that there are a million and one things you can do to up your game, create your own future and climb that ladder. Don't sit and ponder why the work isn't coming to you, you have to find it, you have to create it, you have to write it. Nothing should be in your way and if it is stop making excuses, find another way.

Everyone is in the same boat (only 1% of actors are working at any one time) so if your truly, really want it, have your glass or bottle of wine with your friend, get your rant out and then get to work. Better yourself because no one has learnt everything yet.

What do you do to keep motivated?


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Keeping Motivated

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Amy Kinder is a 17 year old, award winning actress from Bristol. Delving in martial arts and guitar playing on the side, I managed to grab Amy to ask her about the start of her acting career and what inspired her to get to where she is now.

How and when did you start acting?

I began with secondary school drama classes where my teacher(s) were really impressed with my work and I really enjoyed the classes, so it became my favourite subject at school. One day my friend and I were watching a film at the cinema and she said how she wanted to be the actress; I disagreed saying I wanted to be the character. I never thought anymore of it until my dad passed away when I was aged 14. That would be the sole reason for me going into the unknown and trying my hand at acting. I stopped making excuses and in 2015 I took part in a week's theatre camp to see if I loved it as much as I thought; which I did...I fell in love. From there I auditioned for and landed roles in various films as well as a local TV show.

Why did you want to become an actor?

I can actually be a quite shy person but when it came to acting it was like a whole different side of me was set free and I don't know, I liked that. I just love bringing a character and story to life so I wanted to give acting a try. Everything that has happened since the beginning has totally exceeded my expectations, it's crazy.

What challenges do you face trying to pursue your chosen career?

The most obvious one is rejection but I've gotten used to that now as it's an inevitable part of the industry. I'd say the biggest challenge for myself is staying motivated when things aren't going the desired way. But my love for the craft somehow always keeps me going.

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?

Just get as much experience as you can and don't be afraid to take risks and try new things because that's how you learn and grow. It's not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Try not to over think and never doubt your instincts. You can also never please everyone so there is no point in wasting your energy trying to. Only surround yourself with people who encourage and support you because those kinds of people are the best and the most beneficial. Follow your heart and don't rush yourself, figure out where your passions truly lie.

Remember that whatever you are feeling; be it nerves, doubt, fear, excitement, it's completely normal and all part of being a human being. Embrace it. Be fearless, be confident and above all just have fun.

What are you up to at the moment/next?

Right now I am making final preparations before I head out to the States to film a TV drama and preparing for two feature films later in the year. As usual, I'm trying to polish up my showreel and keep track of other cool opportunities.

Quick Fire Round

Favourite Actor: Tom Hanks or Liam Neeson
Favourite Director: David Fincher
Favourite Film: I have way too many!
Favourite TV Series: Friends
Job You Would Want Other Than Acting: Guitarist for Radiohead

It is always good to hear how other people started in the industry and learn from the experiences they have had. A massive thank you to Amy for speaking to us and to keep up to date with all her work, check out here IMDB here.


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Takeover Tuesday - Amy Kinder

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Recently my weeks have been pretty hectic. Whether I have been on set for a film/music video or commercial, been editing footage, doing rewrites on a book, teaching children, working out or going to auditions, my head has been a bit all over the place. 

So I decided that I needed to help myself in some way. I decided to plan.

I decided to open my notes app on my phone and write down my to do list the night before every day. This would give me a clear structure to my day (that we performers don't really get) and I found it a lot easier to achieve every one of my tasks. 

Whether the task or job was small or big I added it to the list. I would then delete them off as I went and feel that air of satisfaction at the end of the day when the list was clear. Granted 'Do 2016/2017 Tax' has been on the top for weeks, but we aren't all perfect. They said 'tax isn't taxing' but it sure is in my world.

We all have that dream that we want and mine is to be a successful actor and director, but what is my plan? I didn't really have one I just took each day as it came. However, now I have taken my lists and placed my plan on it too. So as well as having my day to day list, I have a list of things I need to do to achieve my dream. Granted you can never tell how or when your dream may come true, but I feel having that list I am so much more focused and everyday it gives me a little reminder why I am doing all these little or big tasks.

You have your dream now get your plan. Get writing your list of things you want to achieve. Break them down and work out how to get there (it will probably change, but do it). Then write your day to day lists. It will keep you focused and keep you driven. It will also make some space in your head to invest in your goals.

Stop dreaming, start planning.


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Stop Dreaming, Start Planning

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Time can be a luxury these days and classes can be expensive, so we look to the internet and television to teach us and refresh our skills. Whether you watch Happy Valley, Game of Thrones or Friends you can always learn something from watching others act.

So let's do just that. Here is a special masterclass by none other than Joey Tribbiani. Here, he covers all aspects of acting from warming up to crying on camera. Get ready for the best class of your training and career.

Now let's get serious for a moment. Whether you use these tips (please don't) or study a method, acting all comes down to whether you are living the moment and whatever you use to get there is your own method. You don't have to be 'method' to be an actor nor do you need to do exercises if they don't work for you. Find your own tags and go to's and practice, practice, practice. That is my top acting tip.

And if all else fails I look forward to seeing your 'smell the fart moments'.

P.S. the clips in the video are property of Warner Brothers and do not represent an actual acting class.


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Technical Tuesday: Acting Tips?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Film sets can be one of the most non-green places. There are the many generators, lights and batteries all on the go. And then there is also the amount of transport that comes into it too. But all is not dark, as there are a few things we can do as actors to help keep, emissions and waste down.

1. Initial Your Water Bottle.

You have all seen it, the packs and packs of bottled water that are needed to quench the thirst of all the cast and crew. But have you ever seen the amount of unfinished water left at the end? One main problem to this is that people get a bottle, take a sip, place it down and then forget where it is or which one is theirs. And so, they pick up a new bottle and the process begins again. Grab a marker off a crew member and write your initials in big on your water bottle so you don't lose it. And hey take it home to recycle after too. 

2. Get a KeepCup.

I for one drink a horrendous amount of coffee when I am on set. It is like fuel. But coffee cups may seem like paper and recyclable, but they are full of plastic and far harder to recycle than you think. You are probably more than likely to drink coffee or tea on set, so buy yourself a KeepCup and just use that. Less waste and you can also make a bigger cup of joe too. Win win.

3.Turn Lights Off.

Trailers can be dark places, so you will generally pop the light on. But these lights are the most common lights left on on set. Mainly because people rush around and forget to turn them off. But try not to forget. It is such a waste of energy so just flick that switch every time you leave your trailer.

I know this all sounds preachy but we do need to think about how much we consume and how much we waste. It may not effect you now, but it will later. Even if you don't believe in climate change why not just take the chance that it may be real. And hey, have you seen how much plastic is in our oceans?


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Go Green on Set

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I recently saw a post on Facebook with a very 'Matrix' theme. The image was of two hands; one with a blue pill and one with a red pill. It gave you the choice to choose just one pill to take. The blue taking you forward 50 years with 10 million pounds in your account and the red pill taking you back to the age of ten with all the knowledge that you have learnt up to now. Hard choice right?

But this post got me thinking. Now I am not one for regrets but the idea of 'what if' came up. What would I do differently if I could go back. So here goes.

1. I would not have got into so much debt in my early twenties. I'ld try and be less materialistic and save a little, because (and I will be honest with you) I got caught up in the years before the recession and was offered money left, right and centre from the banks. Now I am almost at the end of paying back £16,000 debt but I feel like I could do so much more if I didn't have that looming over me.

2. I would have gone to RADA. Now that's presuming I would get in but I think most actors think that if you go to RADA you make it as an actor. This is such an untrue statement but I think rather than The BRIT School and Bird College I would of tried to go there.

3. I would have cared less about what people thought about me. I am getting better at this now but years ago I would literally not leave the house or try too hard, in fear of rejection (oh how I have changed).

I mean there are a few others but I don't want to bore you, but these ones stick out most. 

Now let's flip that 'what if'. 

1. If I hadn't of been offered that money, I would not of seen some of the world. I would not of partied in LA and I would have not met some of the people that are close to me now.

2. Learning dance as well as acting has given me a thick skin and a healthy body. I suffered with sore joints as a kid and dance has helped this in every way. It has also inspired me to get into filmmaking and understand rhythms and tempo in film too. I definitely would not be as creative as I feel I am today without my training.

3. I think this has changed now anyway so I can't have that regret. We all have to sit back and watch sometimes to learn and become a better person.

Regrets are stupid as you never know what would of happened, good or bad. So don't regret your journey, enjoy what you did because at that moment in time you did it for a reason.

What are your 'what ifs'?

And for your information I would take the red pill.


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Stay in Wonderland

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

An Interview with Cole Tatham

In the coming Autumn I am due to start Principle Photography on a very exciting new feature film, Star Wars: Call To The Force (I mean, I am so excited). This week I managed to grab the very busy writer and director Cole Tatham to discuss the film and this is what he had to say.

Can you tell us how you got into the film industry?

I was born and raised in Hull and as a kid I was obsessed with movies and especially visual effects. At the end of school in 2014, me and a bunch of friends decided to get a green screen and create moments from our favourite films. We had watched so many fan films and thought let's do this in a professional way. Now, I run Greenview Productions with well over 25 members, all over the world committed to producing high quality fan films. 

Follow Greenview Productions here.

What is the story of 'Call To The Force'?

Well, I can't give away too much. No spoilers here. What I can say is that it is set between films 3 and 4 and plot wise The Empire has risen to power and a group of Outcasts get caught in the middle of a war between the Rebels and The Empire. Keep following Greenview Productions for the latest. 

What else can you tell us about the film?

The VFX will be amazing. We have the technology that Lucas Films uses on the actual Star Wars films and we have an amazing team behind it. We also are in talks with Award Winning set director Andy Walmsley (Doctor Who, American Idol) to create the sets. We are going to mix real life sets with CGI as a nod to the original trilogy.

Can you tell us who is in it?

I can't talk too much about the characters but we have a great cast including yours truly Joseph Dewey, Georgia Annable (Essex Heist, PREY), Jack Parr (The World We Live In, The Pursuit of Normality), Colin MacDougall (Whiteblade, Good To Be Back) and Emilio Salerno (Four Dead Crows: Nicotine, King Solomon Band: Poor Man).

What made you want to make a fan film?

Basically I am a massive Star Wars fans and with todays accessibility to computer technology and cameras it is now possible to create work to the same standard as the big studios. 

How can people support the film?

We have an indiegogo campaign running so please donate what you can, every little helps. Also don't forget to share it.

Support the film here.


Favourite Director: Quentin Tarantino 

Favourite Actor: Tom Hardy

Favourite Film: The Force Awakens

Check out the teaser trailer for 'Star Wars: Call To The Force' below.

A huge thank you to Cole Tatham for chatting to us and please support this film. See you next week and May the Fourth be with you!


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May The Fourth Be With You

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Drama school doesn't always teach you the technical terms for actors on set, so I thought I would slowly start to share a few with you. I learnt these through practice and being on set and cannot explain enough the importance of knowing your technicals.

Dirtying The Frame

You may be asked time to time to come in and dirty the frame. This generally happens on a close up or mid shot and allows the audience to remember there are two (possibly more) people in the scene. It is vital you keep absolutely still in this serrano as even a slight movement may block the actor in focus, destroying the shot.

Rock In

Sometimes on a close up it is vital you hit your mark for frame and focus. If you hear the director to ask you to 'Rock In' then simply place your feet on either side of your mark, lean out of frame and on action move your body back into frame. This gives a nice movement to the image to suggest arrival. Your scene partner if 'dirtying the shot' might also be asked to 'Rock In' with you, suggesting you have both arrived at a particular place. 

Banana In

Simply put, rather than walking in a straight line in or out of frame, you add a slight curve to your entrance or exit. This is done so that no actors in the scene are masked at any point or even so you or the camera avoids collisions with the set. 

Remember if you don't know what you have been asked to do means, then ask. It is better to ask than to mess the take up. Time is money.

More technical aspects coming soon. See you Thursday for a very special post.


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Technical Tuesday

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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