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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Film sets can be one of the most non-green places. There are the many generators, lights and batteries all on the go. And then there is also the amount of transport that comes into it too. But all is not dark, as there are a few things we can do as actors to help keep, emissions and waste down.

1. Initial Your Water Bottle.

You have all seen it, the packs and packs of bottled water that are needed to quench the thirst of all the cast and crew. But have you ever seen the amount of unfinished water left at the end? One main problem to this is that people get a bottle, take a sip, place it down and then forget where it is or which one is theirs. And so, they pick up a new bottle and the process begins again. Grab a marker off a crew member and write your initials in big on your water bottle so you don't lose it. And hey take it home to recycle after too. 

2. Get a KeepCup.

I for one drink a horrendous amount of coffee when I am on set. It is like fuel. But coffee cups may seem like paper and recyclable, but they are full of plastic and far harder to recycle than you think. You are probably more than likely to drink coffee or tea on set, so buy yourself a KeepCup and just use that. Less waste and you can also make a bigger cup of joe too. Win win.

3.Turn Lights Off.

Trailers can be dark places, so you will generally pop the light on. But these lights are the most common lights left on on set. Mainly because people rush around and forget to turn them off. But try not to forget. It is such a waste of energy so just flick that switch every time you leave your trailer.

I know this all sounds preachy but we do need to think about how much we consume and how much we waste. It may not effect you now, but it will later. Even if you don't believe in climate change why not just take the chance that it may be real. And hey, have you seen how much plastic is in our oceans?


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