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Thursday, 4 May 2017

An Interview with Cole Tatham

In the coming Autumn I am due to start Principle Photography on a very exciting new feature film, Star Wars: Call To The Force (I mean, I am so excited). This week I managed to grab the very busy writer and director Cole Tatham to discuss the film and this is what he had to say.

Can you tell us how you got into the film industry?

I was born and raised in Hull and as a kid I was obsessed with movies and especially visual effects. At the end of school in 2014, me and a bunch of friends decided to get a green screen and create moments from our favourite films. We had watched so many fan films and thought let's do this in a professional way. Now, I run Greenview Productions with well over 25 members, all over the world committed to producing high quality fan films. 

Follow Greenview Productions here.

What is the story of 'Call To The Force'?

Well, I can't give away too much. No spoilers here. What I can say is that it is set between films 3 and 4 and plot wise The Empire has risen to power and a group of Outcasts get caught in the middle of a war between the Rebels and The Empire. Keep following Greenview Productions for the latest. 

What else can you tell us about the film?

The VFX will be amazing. We have the technology that Lucas Films uses on the actual Star Wars films and we have an amazing team behind it. We also are in talks with Award Winning set director Andy Walmsley (Doctor Who, American Idol) to create the sets. We are going to mix real life sets with CGI as a nod to the original trilogy.

Can you tell us who is in it?

I can't talk too much about the characters but we have a great cast including yours truly Joseph Dewey, Georgia Annable (Essex Heist, PREY), Jack Parr (The World We Live In, The Pursuit of Normality), Colin MacDougall (Whiteblade, Good To Be Back) and Emilio Salerno (Four Dead Crows: Nicotine, King Solomon Band: Poor Man).

What made you want to make a fan film?

Basically I am a massive Star Wars fans and with todays accessibility to computer technology and cameras it is now possible to create work to the same standard as the big studios. 

How can people support the film?

We have an indiegogo campaign running so please donate what you can, every little helps. Also don't forget to share it.

Support the film here.


Favourite Director: Quentin Tarantino 

Favourite Actor: Tom Hardy

Favourite Film: The Force Awakens

Check out the teaser trailer for 'Star Wars: Call To The Force' below.

A huge thank you to Cole Tatham for chatting to us and please support this film. See you next week and May the Fourth be with you!


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