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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I recently saw a post on Facebook with a very 'Matrix' theme. The image was of two hands; one with a blue pill and one with a red pill. It gave you the choice to choose just one pill to take. The blue taking you forward 50 years with 10 million pounds in your account and the red pill taking you back to the age of ten with all the knowledge that you have learnt up to now. Hard choice right?

But this post got me thinking. Now I am not one for regrets but the idea of 'what if' came up. What would I do differently if I could go back. So here goes.

1. I would not have got into so much debt in my early twenties. I'ld try and be less materialistic and save a little, because (and I will be honest with you) I got caught up in the years before the recession and was offered money left, right and centre from the banks. Now I am almost at the end of paying back £16,000 debt but I feel like I could do so much more if I didn't have that looming over me.

2. I would have gone to RADA. Now that's presuming I would get in but I think most actors think that if you go to RADA you make it as an actor. This is such an untrue statement but I think rather than The BRIT School and Bird College I would of tried to go there.

3. I would have cared less about what people thought about me. I am getting better at this now but years ago I would literally not leave the house or try too hard, in fear of rejection (oh how I have changed).

I mean there are a few others but I don't want to bore you, but these ones stick out most. 

Now let's flip that 'what if'. 

1. If I hadn't of been offered that money, I would not of seen some of the world. I would not of partied in LA and I would have not met some of the people that are close to me now.

2. Learning dance as well as acting has given me a thick skin and a healthy body. I suffered with sore joints as a kid and dance has helped this in every way. It has also inspired me to get into filmmaking and understand rhythms and tempo in film too. I definitely would not be as creative as I feel I am today without my training.

3. I think this has changed now anyway so I can't have that regret. We all have to sit back and watch sometimes to learn and become a better person.

Regrets are stupid as you never know what would of happened, good or bad. So don't regret your journey, enjoy what you did because at that moment in time you did it for a reason.

What are your 'what ifs'?

And for your information I would take the red pill.


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