Stop Dreaming, Start Planning

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Recently my weeks have been pretty hectic. Whether I have been on set for a film/music video or commercial, been editing footage, doing rewrites on a book, teaching children, working out or going to auditions, my head has been a bit all over the place. 

So I decided that I needed to help myself in some way. I decided to plan.

I decided to open my notes app on my phone and write down my to do list the night before every day. This would give me a clear structure to my day (that we performers don't really get) and I found it a lot easier to achieve every one of my tasks. 

Whether the task or job was small or big I added it to the list. I would then delete them off as I went and feel that air of satisfaction at the end of the day when the list was clear. Granted 'Do 2016/2017 Tax' has been on the top for weeks, but we aren't all perfect. They said 'tax isn't taxing' but it sure is in my world.

We all have that dream that we want and mine is to be a successful actor and director, but what is my plan? I didn't really have one I just took each day as it came. However, now I have taken my lists and placed my plan on it too. So as well as having my day to day list, I have a list of things I need to do to achieve my dream. Granted you can never tell how or when your dream may come true, but I feel having that list I am so much more focused and everyday it gives me a little reminder why I am doing all these little or big tasks.

You have your dream now get your plan. Get writing your list of things you want to achieve. Break them down and work out how to get there (it will probably change, but do it). Then write your day to day lists. It will keep you focused and keep you driven. It will also make some space in your head to invest in your goals.

Stop dreaming, start planning.


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