Technical Tuesday

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Drama school doesn't always teach you the technical terms for actors on set, so I thought I would slowly start to share a few with you. I learnt these through practice and being on set and cannot explain enough the importance of knowing your technicals.

Dirtying The Frame

You may be asked time to time to come in and dirty the frame. This generally happens on a close up or mid shot and allows the audience to remember there are two (possibly more) people in the scene. It is vital you keep absolutely still in this serrano as even a slight movement may block the actor in focus, destroying the shot.

Rock In

Sometimes on a close up it is vital you hit your mark for frame and focus. If you hear the director to ask you to 'Rock In' then simply place your feet on either side of your mark, lean out of frame and on action move your body back into frame. This gives a nice movement to the image to suggest arrival. Your scene partner if 'dirtying the shot' might also be asked to 'Rock In' with you, suggesting you have both arrived at a particular place. 

Banana In

Simply put, rather than walking in a straight line in or out of frame, you add a slight curve to your entrance or exit. This is done so that no actors in the scene are masked at any point or even so you or the camera avoids collisions with the set. 

Remember if you don't know what you have been asked to do means, then ask. It is better to ask than to mess the take up. Time is money.

More technical aspects coming soon. See you Thursday for a very special post.


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