Casting Call Pro?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Recently a lot of people have spoken to me about Casting Call Pro and whether it is worth the money and/or the profile. It definitely gets some negative press with people comparing it to Star Now (which I can't stand) but I do think it does have it's positives.

Firstly before you even start, you should know that you are not going to find your big break on this site. The calibre of work on this site is more that of low budget short films and corporate videos than Hollywood features and BBC series. That said though you can get some really cool and random work that can boast your CV in those down times.

The upfront cost seems expensive and another thing we actors have to pay for but honestly I have already earned the money back for a years subscription 5 or six times over this year. 

Generally, and through speaking to some of my friends, I think Casting Call Pro is better for men than it is women. I don't know whether this is down to the amount of castings for each gender or that more females are on it and subsequently more are applying for roles than men.

I definitely think that if you are a male and wanting to earn some money doing a short film or modelling then you should definitely get on the paid side. 

When I started out as an actor I didn't pay and I used it to gain set experience with doing the odd free role (a whole other post) and it taught me invaluable lessons.

So let's get the negatives away from Casting Call Pro, it can aid and support your career (and also pay your rent some months) so get applying.

What are your thoughts on CCP?


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