Gaining an Agent

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Having an agent is one of the most important things to have within the acting industry. You can go it alone and represent yourself but you will probably miss out on 90% of the casting breakdowns.

But what is the best way to approach a agent and how do you know if they are going to be right for you. Here are my top 5 tips for writing to agents:

1) Do your research - talk to your peers and ask who they are represented by. Find out who your favourite actors are represented by and find who has clients in a film or programme in your casting range. You need to know the agents name, not just the agency. Every agency has a website so get checking them. Have they got people like you on their books? (if they have they probably won't take you) What work are their actors in? (could you be cast in it?)  

2) Get personal - once you have found their email address (I would always try for the specific agents address not just the generic agency one. However, if that's is how they have stated representation requests then mark the email FAO [agents name]) write a personal email to them. Why do you want to be with that agent? What connections have they got? Why should they take you on? Keep it short and sweet but keep it personal and friendly. A small paragraph will do.

3) Quality not quantity - Don't waste your time writing to 30 agents just out of desperation. Get a list of agents you really want and order them in importance to write to. Do 5 at a time, if you haven't heard back in a few weeks do another 5. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. Change the email each time. As above make it personal. If you have a particular agent you want, apply every six months or so updating them on your career.

4) Get your link - don't attach big files to your email. Have your spotlight link clearly visible and attach a headshot. You don't need to attach anything else as CV and showreel should be on your Spotlight page and every agent knows this. You can state your last few jobs in your email but don't ramble, they will check your CV.

5) Chat business - so you get a meeting with the agent you want and now you're really nervous because you really want to be with them. However, remember that they are working for you. You need to be the business here. They will make money from you working so ask questions about what they can do for you, how they see you in casting and who can they get you in front of. You should already know this from applying but chat to them like you want to start a partnership. You need to like them as much as they need to like you.

It can be pretty soul destroying when applying for agents as 99% of the time you probably won't get a  reply. But keep going. Invite people to shows you are doing or send film links to agents to keep them in touch with your career. Contacts is your friend when searching for agents and so is Google.

Good luck.

Have a great weekend and happy hunting.


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