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Thursday, 20 July 2017


Pretty much everyone these days has some sort of social media account. They are an insight into peoples lives but also a free advert for your career. More and more productions are using actors with a higher following as cast, and money can be made through advertising and promoting. Now the inner me hates this fact but the business side absolutely gets it and that is why as actors we need to learn the social side of the industry. After all, it is called 'Show Business'.

So what platforms should we as actors be on? Well let's start with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Facebook has over 1.94 billion users across the world. The majority being females between 25 and 34 years old. This is important to know as when running an ad or a page as these are the people you will want to engage. As an actor it is a good idea to get a page going for your acting. You can post showreels, BTS clips, photoshoots and promote it all for a little or as much extra cash you have every week/month. Having a 'Actors Ad' will help grow your fan base, reach people who may be making films and also is your own way of having a little PR. Even when you are an A-Lister and famous, PR does not come free. Just remember to get the settings on your personal page changed to private, get rid of those drunken photos and keep everything clean cut.


With 700 million users (most being under 25) Instagram is a great way to have fun with your career and generate a fan base. Post your headshot and showreel by all means but lets get a little more creative. Post videos from set, showreel snippets, random monologues, photoshoots and your day to day life as an actor. Remember to hashtag, other wise your pictures will get lost and also most people are on Instagram between 5pm and 7pm so target your posts for then. It's a good idea to write your hashtags in your notes and just copy and paste when you post.


Much like Facebook, Twitter (313 million users) is a great way to share the business side of your career, with showreel posts, film updates, show ticketing and links to your work. It is also great to help support others with by retweeting and joining in acting related chats (#showreelshareday for example). If you support and engage on Twitter your following will grow quicker and also you never know who you will 'e-meet'.  

It may be weird going from using social media to chat to friends to using it as a work tool but once you get into it, the benefits are there and waiting for you. Text and call your friends but use social media to help grow your career.

There are many other platforms that can be used too but these are the ones you want to concentrate on for acting. Getting your head around all these platforms will grow your fan base, reach out to independent film makers and also show that you are serious, proactive and ready for hire.

Add your Twitter and Instagram handles to the comments below and I will make sure I am following you guys.


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