So You're an Actor?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


'Actor' is our job title but I have seen that we are more than just that.

A Social Media Manager
An Accountant
A Sales Person
A Web Designer
An Usher
A Lighting Engineer
A Sound Engineer
An Editor
A Bartender
A Waiter
A Teacher
A Marketing Executive
A Stylist
A Personal Trainer
A Singer
A Dancer
A Puppeteer
A Musician
A Friend
A Husband
A Wife
A Boyfriend
A Girlfriend
A Mother
A Father
A Camera Operator
A Children's Entertainer
A Director
A Producer
An Agony Aunt
A Nutritionist
An Explorer
A Massage Therapist
A T-Shirt Seller
A Ticket Tearer
A Master a Kickstarter
An Anxiety Expert
A Day-Time TV Watcher
A Ticket Sales Person
A Computer Wizz
A Writer
A Model
A Technician
A Journalist
A Freelancer

You are an ACTOR but you are also so much more, don't sell yourself short.

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