The Confidence Issue

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Photograph by Claire Newman-Williams


Sometimes confidence can be a really issue, it is seen that all performers are a special breed of human who have no fear. But I for one definitely suffer from confidence issues.

It sounds silly but sometimes the fear of being judged can be crippling and will stop me working with anxiety set to go through the roof. I don't tend to suffer with confidence at auditions or castings, but I do in the waiting room. Once in the room I am more relaxed talking to a director or casting director than I am with sparking up a conversation with a peer in the waiting area. I also can happily be very confident on stage, in front of camera or on set.

This is probably down to the fact when I have to, I definitely play the character of me. The confident, chatty and full of personality me. Then when I am out again I am 

Even by writing this post I keep thinking I am going to be judged and people will say why do it then, and from someone who loves to perform, create work and promote things it all seems a little hypercritical in my head too. But it is what I love and creating characters is where I am most confident. 

I read a lot of self help books to solve issues around this and ones like The Power of Now genuinely help. The Power of Now focuses your problems and bring you back to reality with hopes and excitement rather than feelings of shame and dread. 

When I first started this blog I thought who the hell would want to listen to what I want to say, but I quickly learnt that we all have a story and that we should all be helping others to learn from our mistakes, share memories and lend that advice.

Another area I can suffer with massive confidence issues is at events. I hate going to them by myself but sometimes that has to be done and I definitely need a few drinks before stepping into that room. I am terrible at approaching people as I think they don't want to be bothered, but how nice is it when someone comes up for a genuine chat.

I have wondered if this has come from my childhood, as like many my parents split when I was 11 so I was kind of 'left' and guess maybe thought I wasn't wanted and shouldn't have a voice. Now we are all happy families but I wonder if that could have been a cause. Maybe there isn't a cause and I should  stop looking for one too.

I am going to start doing a bit of meditation and thought focus to get me over this and if you have any other advice then please share it in the comments section below.

Let's all vow to help each other to kick this confidence issue and anxiety crap and hey if you see me in a casting say hi as I am actually a nice person (even though my casting type says otherwise).

Thank you for listening, I for one want to start trying to be more confident and open.

Do you suffer with confidence issues as a performer and what are your tips and tricks?


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