We all have those moments on December 31st saying all the things we are going to achieve the coming year and I can't count the number of times I have said 'this will be my year'. Now it's no secret that this year acting jobs for myself have been few and far between. Those pencils are starting to drive me a bit mad. But none the less being three quarters of the way through 2017 this year has been very successful and it is important to know why.

I am a huge believer of if you aren't getting the roles you want, then create them and if you aren't getting any roles then keep creative in other areas to keep sane. I know it's easy to say but as performers I think one way of keeping sane whilst between jobs is to have a job that pays creatively.

Yes we all need money and sometimes that bar or promo job needs to be done, but try exploring what you are good at.

Can you write?
Can you draw?
Do you know how to produce?
Can you teach?

If you can do any of these start creating a job for yourself to supplement acting. And if you are feeling really confident start your own business. Never give up on acting and drop everything when the call comes but to keep sane whilst applying to castings and chatting to agents, get a job that stimulates your creative mind.

When I graduated from college I was an usher at The Adelphi Theatre. But as I started my journey in the business and between jobs I started to create my own work. Now 8 years later I am owner of a small production company with one feature film almost completed production and two more in the pre productions stage. I teach acting at weekends in literally my only time off and I run videography jobs all over London. This is not me bragging but it is simply saying that it is possible. If I can you sure can. Start small, keep focused and find something you love.

Acting is my number one too and I will never give up the chase, but blow me rent in London isn't cheap.

What do you do between jobs?


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Keeping Sane

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

So this post comes to you a little hungover with a sore head after what was a brilliant opening to the 25th Raindance Film Festival. 

For those of you who don't know Raindance they are an independent film school and organisation that run the worlds largest independent film festival (which is Academy accredited). For two weeks at London Westend Vue Cinema, independent films will be in competition and showcased, all leading up to the awards on the final day.

This festival started in 1993 and has grown and grown under Elliot Grove's leadership every year. I have been to the last 4 or 5 festivals and it is one I highly recommend that us actors get involved with.

Normally film festivals are aimed at film lovers and filmmakers, but as actors I feel we need to start using them as they are ways to follow what is happening within the film industry. From the 20th Sept to the 1st of October Raindance have programmed a wide range of films from all over the world. They are films that we should watch to study what actors are doing in different countries. Study to take tips from and also study to learn which directors should be on my radar and to try and connect with.

It's at these festivals that major Hollywood films can come from and directors pass through it into the hands on LA regularly. Christopher Nolan's career started at Raindance. 

It's very easy to go and support the latest Marvel film which will make millions and millions of pounds, but we should be supporting the independent film market too as without it there would be very little jobs within the industry. This is also a great place where directors and scriptwriters experiment without the big studio executives over their shoulders.

I haven't quite worked out which films I want to see yet but you can see the full Raindance programme here. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see which films I eventually see.

Raindance are also very friendly and run a ton of networking events across the year so keep an eye on their website and social media accounts too.

I hope you will support this brilliant company and it's film festival and I hope one day to be in a film at it or dare I say even have my own film in the festival.

Hopefully see you at the festival.


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It's Raining in London

Thursday, 21 September 2017

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