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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Last week I was fortunate enough to go and see Tom Jones at Greenwich Music Time thank to Savvy Mummy (@the_savvy_mummy) and Milk Two Sugars Productions.

After recent events in my life having a night out in a safe space (by this I mean not a club or an event with tons of young people) was hugely needed and Hannah the Savvy Mummy dragged me out to enjoy a bit of the legend that is Tom Jones.

Whilst drinking and dancing away his gig made me think of my influences. Tom worked closely with Elvis and was influenced by him hugely. I mean mine aren't anywhere near that but here is who has influenced me and why.

Woody Allen:

I know he has shit in the press sometimes and no I don't know the full story. But his story telling really inspires me as an actor and filmmaker. I love his slice of life vibe, great plot, excellent story and not necessarily an ending. I love this because not everything in life is wrapped up in a nice bow and it is great to see that reflect in film.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Need I say anymore than his acting skills.

Michael Jackson:

Well this man inspired me into the Performing Arts Industry. I love his music, his rhythm, his filmmaking and his dedication to his art. RIP

My Friends:

Each one of them inspires me to do better each day and to keep going. I wouldn't be at the point in my career now without each and every one of them.

That's me, so who inspires you?


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