Saturday, 7 July 2018

This blog post is dedicated to all my LGBT+ friends.

As a white, straight male I haven't experienced what you have. I don't get hate crime and I very rarely get abuse on the street. I don't feel scared walking with a partner and I am not weary of public displays. I am very fortunate for being born as I am.

But whether you are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, binary or whatever you want to be, you have led me on my path today and to all of you I love you and stand by you forever.

Growing up in a Conservative town I am very fortunate to have moved and studied Performing Arts, as it opened my eyes to the world. You have all stood by me in dark times, inspired me creatively, helped me dress fabulously and I cannot thank you enough.

You have accepted me into your lives, your bars, events and hearts and I whole heartedly want to hug and kiss you all.

I pray for a world that accepts people for who they want to be and will fight your cause day in and day out.

Wave a rainbow flag for me today as I have to work but I will be wearing one proudly.

In your honour I will be donating money to Stonewall today as a thank you and to help people less fortunate than us to get the help they need and deserve.

You might also want to do the same - click here

Have a wonderful Pride you gorgeous people and see you in the bars later when you probably can't stand any more.

Your LGBT+ friend.


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